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Providing services since 2004

Since 2004, ANGLO-FRENCH-SOLUTIONS has been assisting the large English speaking community of the Charente and surrounding regions to integrate into French society ‐ teaching and assisting in administrative issues.

You may need...
  -  To learn or improve your French?
  -  A bilingual assistant for a temporary task?
  -  To understand a French speaking person?
  -  To translate a document?
  -  To liaise with French authorities ‐ tax office, mairie, public services.

ANGLO-FRENCH-SOLUTIONS offers a range of bilingual services to professional, as well as private clients, for short or long term assignments.


Courses to suit your needs, ANGLO-FRENCH-SOLUTIONS offers regular weekly lessons either in Chabanais or Roumazières-Loubert.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced for French tuition

For absolute beginners, the course covers basic conversation, some grammar and French culture. Starting with level A1 of DELF course which stands for Diplôme d'Etudes en Langue Française going up to level B2. When you reach level B1 (you can take the exam in Limoges) you have reached the required level for French nationality.

Exchange groups

Working with a French speaking partner on various themes, this group allows you to improve your French and also requires your input to help your partner improve his/her English.

Tuesday evening in Chabanais at 19h30
Monday in Roumazières-Loubert at 13h15


Services for private clients

Assistance with everyday life, e.g. banks, utility companies, insurances, tax, health.
Translation of letters/technical documents

Services to Companies

Translation of letters, internet sites, administrative documents
Interpreting ‐ attending meetings, conference calls.

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Our new location Since 1st November 2019 is
    40B Route d'Angouleme
    16150 CHABANAIS.


You may contact us by Email:enquiries@anglo-french-solutions.com


Call us on 0033 (0)5 45 29 03 94 / 0033 (0)6 70 78 33 42


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CV: Holder of a secretarial and office automation qualification (BTS Bureautique et Secrétariat) and qualified teacher. My first job was teaching in an Agricultural college preparing students and unemployed adults for three examinations: secretarial, tourism and social work (Maison Familiale et Institut Rural d'Education et d'Orientation).

Three years in the United Kingdom, where I worked for a wine importing agency (Elliot & Tatham) as a personal assistant. This allowed me to improve my command of the English language. On my return to France, I worked for a company dealing with agro-chemicals registration studies throughout Europe (European Agricultural Services headquarters based in the United States) as a personal assistant and project manager's assistant. Today, I offer French and English tuition, as well as translations or secretarial work, for both private clients and companies. I have been teaching French to English residents of the Charente and surrounding regions since 2004 and assisting them with a wide variety of administrative issues.