Table of Contents

1       Covid-19

2       Brexit

3       Driving Licence

It is no longer possible to exchange your licence until further notice.


1         Covid-19  

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This is the link you may use to find information on what is allowed: General information and downloadable certificate

2         Brexit

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Key points

o   The withdrawal agreement gives a transition period until the 31st December 2020 so any existing rights are carried forward until the end of the year and if you have lived in France before this date, your rights will be maintained.

o   Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to vote for the local and European elections nor to be elected in the local ‘conseil municipal’ (as this would mean that France would have to change the French Constitution)

o   It is very important that you apply for the Health cover in the French system ASAP.

o   You will have to apply for a ‘titre de séjour’ or ‘carte de séjour’ (residency card) using the online residency portal.The opening of the website, initially planned for 1st July 2020, has now been postponed to 15th October 2020. You will have until 30th June 2021 to apply.

To apply you will need to justify your situation in France which could be one of the following:

§  You are employed or self employed

§  You have sufficient means to sustain yourself and your family as well as a health insurance cover

§  You are a student or are following a professional training and have a health cover

§  You are a member of a British family who has been living in France before the 31st December 2020 having a residency card (spouse, partner, child, parent or being part of a British household)


PLEASE NOTE that the list of documents will vary depending on your circumstances. For future appointments for your residency card, please refer to table of documentation required:

In general, please do not forget:

-       Passport

-       birth certificate (with translation)

-       marriage certificate (if applicable and with translation)

-       your income tax return for each year you have declared your income in France

-       your P60 or pensions notification or wage slips or any proof of income in and out of France including bank statements if you haven’t got any other evidence

-       copy of the deeds or rental agreement for your dwelling

-       copy of your Taxes foncières (if applicable)

-       carte vitale and the Attestation de droits (which can be obtained on or proof of health cover

-       the date you settled in France (it may be when you bought or rented your first property)

-       If you are staying with a third party, please bring a copy of their passport and utility bill dated less than 6 months and affidavit from this third party.


NOTE: if the name on your birth certificate is not the same as on your passport then you will need legal documentation to explain the change of name (could be marriage, divorce, adoption, change of name by deed pole documentation)


o   British citizens who have been residing in France for more than 5 years before 31st December 2020 will be entitled to a residency card for a 10-year period. Those who have been in France for less than 5 years before the end of the transition period may have access to a card for a 1 to 5-year period depending on their situation.

o   For British citizens who will arrive in France after the 1st January 2021 and who do not have any family link with a British citizen with a residency card may get an authorisation to stay on the grounds of common law regulations.

o   Those who already have a residency card stating ‘Citoyen Union Européenne’ obtained before the end of the transition period will have to renew this card before 1st July 2021 so that they obtain a card stating, ‘accord de retrait’. This is done on line by providing a copy of your existing card.

o   The residency cards issued in France will allow British citizens to travel the countries of the Schengen zone for periods less than three months.

o   The uprating of pensions will be maintained


For more information you can go on these websites





3         Driving Licence

It is no longer possible to exchange your licence until further notice.

To exchange your driving licence, you need to use ANTS website. You will need copies of passport, licence, recent utility bill, proof that you have been in France for more that 185 days, digital signed photograph taken through an accredited photo booth (you can find this at Super U in Chabanais or find a list of these on the ANTS website). Make sure it mentions ANTS.

Please note that you will have to exchange your licence as from the 1st January unless you are here on holidays.

Should you need any help on these issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.